Friday, March 11, 2011

Dewdrops Embellishments

Ladies, there is no need to buy those expensive dew drops embellishments at the craft stores.  

With Stampin' Up's crystal effects you can get TONS of these little dew drop gems in any color you want for a mere fraction of the cost!! 

Here's how: 

1.  Lay out wax paper to apply crystal effects to ( this way they will peel up easily when dry)

2.  Put a circle (dot) of whatever size you desire of the crystal effects
3.  To tint them, put drops of reinker into a paint pallet or on a foam plate.  Dip the end of a toothpick or paper piercer into the ink.  Then just touch the end to the drop of crystal effects.  No need to mix it- the color flows through the crystal effects.  

4.  Let it dry completely and you have dew drops!

When I make them, I use a sheet of wax paper so that they peel up easily when dry.  Then I put a circle/dot of whatever size crystal effects.  To tint them, I put drops of reinker into a paint pallete and dip the end of a paper clip, toothpick, paper piercer into the ink and then touch that end to the crystal effects.  No need to try to mix it.  The color flows through the crystal effects.  Let it dry and you have dew drops.  It generally needs to dry a day to be thoroughly set.

So if you love dew drops but hate the expense, just purchase a bottle of crystal effects on your next order.  Item number is 101055 on page 197 cost is $7.95.

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