Monday, March 14, 2011

Making time for yourself....time management

Time Management, yikes!!   There should be a 4
 letter word that means the same as those two
together because, let me tell you, say
"Time Management" in front of people and they

Like you, I'm a busy person.  I love my family and
 my life. Doing what needs to be done (a full time job,
 household chores, meals, activities, etc.)
 fill a day very easily. 

My business, including this blog, is my guilty pleasure
 but it can only happen if I'm organized enough to take
 care of the rest first.

So organizing our time is key.

 There are many books and seminars available on the
 market, but I love when I find free information and can
 share it with others like you. I recently ran across this 
free e-book on time management offered on
Money Saving Mom.  (under free giveaways) 

I hope this shared perspective will encourage you in
 your daily life and perhaps even provide something to
 help you make the most out of your time.  You know....
so that you can find the time in your life to escape to
stamp and papercraft.

Thanks for stopping by and inky hugs til next time!

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