Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tutorial- Faux Shaving Cream

Try this easy technique to give added depth and dimension:  


Supplies needed:

. Stampin' Around bold wheel
. Stampin' Around handle
. Bold stamp set
. Classic ink
. Card stock
1. First, ink a wheel with a solid-texture image (see Figure 1). For example, you would want to select a bold wheel rather than a wheel with a line art image; the more lines on the wheel, the finer the texture in the image. We used our Bodacious wheel on the samples shown here.

2. Next, ink a bold stamp like those from our Bodacious Bouquet or Headline Alphabet sets (see Figure 2). Don't worry about making sure that the stamp is evenly covered.

3. Once your stamp is ready to go, kiss it with your wheel by swiping the wheel on the stamp (see Figure 3). Twist your wrist as you tap, or use a side-to-side motion if you swipe. The key to creating the marble swirl is in this movement.

4. Finally, stamp your image on your project (see Figure 4).

Idea to note: When you use faux shaving cream, try experimenting with two-colour combinations.

 Ink your wheel for a beautiful look that incorporates the colours in your project, like we did on our Many Thanks card.

 A combination of Bashful Blue and Old Olive tie this project together. 

A spectrum of three colours also works well: try adding another colour to one of our Dynamic Duos for a terrific trio.

 For example, ink your wheel with both Rose Red and Regal Rose ink and apply it to a stamp inked with Pretty in Pink. 
You can also achieve a lovely marbled effect with only one colour. To do this, kiss your stamp with an uninked wheel as we did on the Joy card and You Colour My World page.

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