Monday, July 2, 2012

Tutorial- Sharpen Your Punches

Punches are a wonderful tool for paper crafter's everywhere!   
Unfortunately, over time and repeated punching, they can eventually become dull and not punch well.  You'll know it's dull when punched out edges are no longer smooth. 
Here is a super easy tip for you: to sharpen a punch all you need is tin foil and waxed paper!

 Here's what you do...
1.  Fold the foil so that you have multiple layers and punch repeatedly.(the foil sharpens)
2.  Now do the same with waxed paper to make the punch glide smoothly (the wax paper lubricates)
Now how easy is that!
My punches get a lot of use in classes, so every 6 months I do this to all my punches.  If you take care of your tools and they will last you a lifetime! 

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