Friday, July 6, 2012

Shel's 1st Annual Charity Event- I Am Thankful For Scraps

Shel’s First Annual  Charity Event   “ I Am Thankful For” Scraps Class

Date:  Saturday September 8th @ 10am

Details:  Everyone brings in some scraps from your scrap bin and some adhesive. 

 I will provide some punches, inks and stamps. 

We will use the scraps to create as many thank you, for you, happy birthday, thinking of you, with gratitude, cards as we can.

All cards will be donated to the local Ronald McDonald house, for distribution to their clients who need a card.

I would like as many of my girls as possible to donate scraps and to help us make the cards. 

 If you cannot be here on the day, your scrap donations are welcome.  If you can be here but have no scraps ( how is that even possible?) we welcome your working hands! 

This is a great way to help out others in our community!  

Let's get together, have some fun together, and do something nice for others! 

****If anyone has envelopes ( any sizes)  they would like to donate, it would also be appreciated, as I suspect there is going to be a lot of cards made, and we can custom size to fit the envelopes that are donated***** 

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