Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tutorial- Product Talk- Brayer

My  rubber brayer is the most neglected tools in my stamping supplies.

It is a shame how we neglect this remarkable tool.  Most of us think of it only when we want to cover a large section of cardstock. 

How many ways do you know to use your brayer? Here are some that you may not have thought of: 

1.  Use your brayer to ink your large background stamps or large solid images.  It is a great way to get an even coverage for these types of stamps.

2.You can use them to create a mirror image.  Ink the image on the stamp and run your brayer over it.  Then, roll off the image onto the cardstock.  Ink the stamp again and stamp on the cardstock.  Bingo!  The images are facing each other- 
3. Use the same as above to reverse the image of a stamp when it needs to be facing the opposite direction in your design.Carole- this one is a challenge for you!  You now will not need the mirror image stamp!

4. Use markers and scribble lines on your brayer.  Do this by laying the brayer on its back and holding the marker still.  Roll the brayer until the mark is around the brayer.

5. When you are doing a resist technique, use the brayer for the inking after you have applied the embossing design.

6. Kissing!  Brayer over an inked background stamp and then roll the image on to a solid stamp.  Stamp the image on to your cardstock.

8. Put cheesecloth or a lace doily or a stencil down and brayer over it.  Lift the cheesecloth and you have an interesting design.

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