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Tutorial- Product Talk- Adhesives

Stampin' Up Adhesives and price update:

Cost increase for 2-Way Glue Pen

June 27, 2012Due to an unexpected cost increase from our supplier, the cost for the 2-Way Glue Pen will increase from $4.50 as listed in the current annual catalog to $5.95

 This price increase will be applied starting June 27, 2012.

Here's everything you ever wanted to know about all the Stampin' Up adhesives
2way glue pen

Features & Benefits 
■ Permanent or temporary bond
■ Dries quickly
■ Great for adhering glitter
■ Blue when wet; clear when dry
■ 10 grams
■ Chisel tip
■ Washes off skin with soap and water

Two methods for using the 2-Way Glue Pen
1. Wet bond (permanent bond). While the glue is still blue and wet, immediately make the
bond. Use a wet bond when you apply glitter.
2. Dry bond (temporary). Apply glue lightly and wait for the adhesive to dry (it will become
clear). Use this method when masking or positioning stencils. When you are finished, you
can remove the bond easily.
To start the 2-Way Glue Pen, push the tip in a few times and allow the glue to saturate the
tip (the tip will turn blue). Always replace the cap after use. 

Features & Benefits 
■ Simple, Neat, Affordable, In-Line
■ 472" of double-sided adhesive
■ Great for cards, scrapbooks, or other art projects
■ Keeps fingers and art pieces free from messy glue
■ Refill cartridges sold separately
■ Permanent; creates a strong bond

“SNAIL Adhesive® applies a controlled amount of adhesive directly to your project, so your hands and work area never get sticky. A small amount creates a strong bond, so your cartridge lasts a long time. We also have refills that slip right into the cartridge, so you’ll never find yourself without your SNAIL. You’ll love the adhesive, and it’s a great price, too!”

To use SNAIL Adhesive, place the cartridge where you want the adhesive to begin, roll it
slowly (like a snail) along your artwork, then lift sideways when done, using a quick, check-
mark motion.

Sticky strip
Features & Benefits
■ Double-sided, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive
■ 1/4" wide
■ Very strong—perfect for boxes
■ 10 yards
■ Comes in a zippered plastic bag for convenient storage  

“This super-strong adhesive will hold together a box or pouch like a dream! It won’t lift, curl, distort, warp, or wrinkle. You can also use it to adhere other craft-related embellishments, such as beads, glitter, or embossing powder.”
Cut Sticky Strip to desired length and lay it down onto your project. Remove red liner. Your
art project is then ready to be assembled.

Features & Benefits 
■ Latex rubber acrylic resin adhesive
■ Adhesive can be both permanent or temporary depending
 on how it is applied – see FYI
■ Works great for adhering card stock or Designer Series paper
 to chipboard
■ Dries clear
■ Excellent for adhering Stampin’ Glitter to surfaces
■ Dual-tipped applicator 
“I love to use our new Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive. It has a dual tip, so I can place it exactly where I want. I can place a small amount with exactness using the small tip, and I can also spread the adhesive over a larger area of paper with the wide tip.”
Tombow Multi Purpose adhesive is temporary or permanent. To use it as a temporary
adhesive, allow it to dry before adhering.

Features & Benefits 
■ Simple, Neat, Affordable, In-Line
■ 472" of double-sided adhesive
■ Great for cards, scrapbooks, or other art projects
■ Keeps fingers and art pieces free from messy glue
■ Refill cartridges sold separately
■ Permanent; creates a strong bond

Anywhere glue sticksANYWHERE GLUE STICK
Features & Benefits 
■ Odorless and permanent
■ 2 per package
■ 20 grams of solid glue each
■ Square corner edge for hard-to-reach areas 
“Our glue stick is a great economical choice for scrapbooking and card making. It's acid free, so it's safe to use on your scrapbook pages. It’s also safe and easy for kids to use. The
rectangular design makes those hard-to-reach areas reachable. With these glue sticks, you
can even get into corners!”
To prevent your glue from drying, store it in a reclosable plastic bag.
Crystal effectsCRYSTAL EFFECTS
Features & Benefits
■ Gives a high-gloss finish to any image
■ Creates amazing 3-D effects
■ Applicator tip
■ Distributed exclusively by Stampin’ Up!
■ Water based for quick and easy cleanup
■ Dries completely within an hour, depending
 on how thick it is applied
■ 2 oz.

“If you want to embellish any image without embossing, this is a quick and easy way to do so. Crystal Effects adds a pretty, high-gloss, lacquered look. The applicator tip gives you great control.”

Quick Trick 
Add a drop or two of our Classic ink refill to the Crystal Effects, and you’ll have a high-gloss
colored finish. 

Crystal Effects also works great as an adhesive to attach buttons and other heavier

Add a three-dimensional effect to your projects with Crystal Effects. Simply apply a thick
line of Crystal Effects to the outline of your stamped image. After the line has dried, add a
thinner coat of Crystal Effects to the inside area of what was outlined.

Crystal Effects can be used with any stamped image that has been colored with any
medium: watercolors, markers, Stampin’ Pastels, stamp pads. 

Do not shake. Shaking Crystal Effects will cause bubbles that will show up in your work. 

Recap after use to prevent the tip from drying and clogging.  

Allow approximately 1 hour drying time.

Features & Benefits 
■ Double-sided, self-adhesive foam mounts
■ 300 1/16" Stampin’ Dimensionals
■ Use multiple Stampin’ Dimensionals for multilevel
 projects or added height
■ Great for layering 
“Stampin’ Dimensionals are the easiest way to give your projects an instant 3-D look. Just stamp an image, trim around it, and then use a Stampin’ Dimensional to attach it to your project. They are also great for making greetings stand out and attaching 3-D objects such as tags and bows.”
Mini glue dots

Features & Benefits 
■ Adhesive dots
■ Bond instantly to a variety of materials
■ Easy to use
■ Photo safe
■ Mini Glue Dots
  300 per roll
  Each dot measures approximately 3/16" in diameter
■ Great for attaching embellishments

“Our Mini Glue Dots are super-sticky, double-sided adhesive
dots designed for use on many three-dimensional accents for cards, scrapbook pages, and
other projects. They adhere to paper, fabric, wood, foam, plastic, and more. This fast, clean
adhesive is safe for kids, too. No fumes, no mess, and no drying time required!”

Size of dots may vary plus or minus 1/16".

Press the paper or object onto the dot, then pull it away; the dot will adhere to the object.
Don’t try to pull the dot off the liner paper with your hands, as it will stick to you and not
the paper!

Here's a couple things I've learned from making plenty of mistakes.
• You can use the heat tool to warm up SNAIL or STICKY STRIP and they will softly release without tearing the card stock or paper.  Just make sure you've heated it well before pulling apart.  If your paper starts to tear, reheat the area and it will softly lift.
Adhesive remover
• If I have SNAIL overhanging or sticking out from under a piece of paper or something, I just use the ADHESIVE REMOVER to rub it until the adhesive is gone.  This takes a little elbow grease, but it does work.

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